Texas Retriever Training

Stellar Retrievers provides a comprehensive retriever training program for sporting dogs of many breeds. Whether your goal is an obedient companion, finished hunting retriever, a good bird dog, or an AKC Hunt Test Competitor, Stellar Retrievers can tailor a curriculum to your needs. Jack Morris has experience training Labrador Retrievers, and many other sporting breeds.

Professional retriever training. . . for your best friend.

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Stellar Retrievers makes its home just south of Giddings in the heart of Texas retriever training. On 50 acres of groomed dog training property, Jack maintains clean, professional, top notch kennels. He has 18 years of retriever training experience and a proven record of success.

Videos from 2013 Master National

Icey's 3rd Series Blind:


Icey 3rd Series:
Chloe 1:

Chloe 2:
Idgie 3rd Series:

27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"> Idgies 2:

Master National 2013

Wendy has been busy with the camera taking pictures and making movies. Check out what she sent for posting to the blog:

bill and lynn teagueIdgie and Jackwayne pattersonGang at lodgeStellar Party 3Stellar Party 1

Minnesota Iron Range Retriever Club Results

Virginia, MN

Master dogs receiving ribbons:

Duke          owned by       Mike & Ty Davis
Jolie                                Bob Owens
Blackie now owned by      Wendy Wo

It was a Special weekend for TED owned by Nancy Niepart who earned his
 Master Hunter Title and Qualified for the 2013 Master National in Kansas this year. 
Go TED!!!

Senior dog receiving a ribbon:

 Arley owned by Steve Davis

Hope all is well with everyone. Going to get to 75' today!!!

Ted at the Central Minnesota Hunt Test


Central Minnesota Retriever Club!

Results for Madison Retriever Club HT on June 8-9th

Master passes:
Hi Mike, here is an update on the last 2 hunt tests plus photos.  Thanks for your continued help with our site. I will forward you pictures and video from my ipad.

Stellar Retrievers is having a fantastic summer in the U. P. Michigan. The weather is 70-80's and the dogs are all running like champs.  We have had 2 successful HT's with high passing numbers.  Heading to Minnesota Iron Range Retriever Club this weekend. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for Deepwoods Spirit if the Wild, "Ted".  He needs one more pass to qualify for his first MN. He's only 2 1/2 years old!!!! Go Ted!!!!
  Deepwoods Spirit of the Wild, "Ted" owned by Nancy and Bob Neipert, did a great   job, check out the video.
  •   Stellar's Black Jack, Blackie.
  •   Stellar's High Water Madam, "Chloe", owned by Brian Gurrola. Chloe is a consistent 3 year old star on the team.
  • Lone Star Power Stroke Duke, owned by Mike Davis ran the entire test clean.
  • Stellar's Dancing in the Moonlight, "Starr", owned by Bill and Lee Hanes, another nice pass to qualify her for the MN. Way to go Starr!!!
  • My Time to Shine, "Asta", owned by Wendy Wotasek, was glad to be back after having a litter of beautiful pups. I know because she told me so.
  • Tioga's Dottie Spot On, owned by Steve Davis, did a great job spitting out the birds for Jack on the line. Good girl.
  • Romeo Takes Jolie, owned by Bob Owens, earned her MN qualification.
  • Thanks to judges Robert Rascoe and Keith Maready for a very tough, challenging and truly a Master level test on all 3 series. 

    Results for Central Minnesota Retriever Club June 14-16
    Double Master

    Master  Passes Friday: 16 passes out of 46. Eight of which were on the Stellar team. Just BRAGGING.
    • Asta
    • Dottie
    • Duke
    • Blackie
    • Starr
    • Chloe
    • Ted
    • Rocky Hill's Icey Blue, owned by Bill and Judy Davis, earned her MN qualification. Phew, good girl Icey, now mom can relax lol. Kansa here we come!!!!!
    Senior passes :
    • Dottie's Oakpoint Arley Rose, owned by Steve Davis, made it look easy on both series.
    Master passes Saturday:
    • Jolie
    • Starr
    • Asta
    • Blackie
    • Chloe
    • Dottie
    • Icey
    • Duke
    We had a great weekend at Central Minnesota, getting to see our many northern friends including the Blackbirds, Tramontines, Schlichtings, and all the fun members of their club.  This really is one of the most organized and generous clubs we visit all year.  As a matter of fact they have a large raffle every year and this year Stellar's cleaned up winning many items including a new dogtra collar donated by Chad Sweep, thank you Chad!  We enjoyed the Saturday night steak fry and all the camaraderie.


    Happy Stellar Puppy "Baxter" Photos from a happy owner!

    From Karin:  Baxter is doing great!!  He is a very smart dog!!  He has learned to sit, come when we blow 3 times on a whistle, and he is learning "down".  He loves to go to my children's baseball games!



    Puppy and Momma-3 Males Left

    GIve us a call…two males needing homes!


    Asta-Blackie Litter-Field Retrievers for Sale

    Asta had her litter this weekend so here's the scoop on the breeding. Puppies will be ready in seven weeks! Call Jack for details.

    Blackie and Asta Pedigree for puppies 001




    Blackie Master


    One Little Girl Left...

    There is one female Sway/Blackie Puppy left needing a home. Here's a little picture and hopefully video to convince you how cute this one really is! Give Jack a call if you would like to talk about a well bred female.



    Six Week old Lab Puppies-TOO CUTE!

    Here's a little video that should lower your blood pressure!

    And if that isn't enough cute, here's the newest to the line of Stellar Retreivers….drum roll please…RUDY!

    Rudy-puppies 3Rudy-puppies 4Rudy-puppies 1Rudy-puppies 2


    Brazosport Hunt Test Fall 2012

    Master passes dogs run by Jack

    Asta       owner   Wendy Wo
    Icey                    Bill & Judy Davis
    Blackie               Robert & Molly Rascoe
    Bonnie                Larmar Jones
    River                   Bruce Moore
    Gem                   Bruce Moore again
    Idgie                   Tim Mahady
    Jolie                   Bob Owens This is Jolie's 1st Master Pass at 20 months old!!!

    Master Passes dogs run by Owners

    Jazz- owner/handler  Lee Telling
    Dottie                      Steve Davis

    Master Passes Dogs now trained and handled by owners

    Lucky                      Marty Thompson
    Dory                        Lee Davis
    Louise                     Dede Paterson
    Annie                      Wayne Paterson

    Senior Passes

    Hoot       owner       Karen Goff
    Belle                      Mike & Ty Davis

    Puppies on the Way!

    Blackie x Sway. Both are Master National Retrievers trained by Stellar Retrievers.


    Blackie - Lean Mac in second generation of pedigree. Blackie is 8 years old and one of the last Lean Mac sons. When have you seen that in recent years? His mother was a Field Champion with 30 AA points, F/C Cream.  "F/C Cream" has 6 Full Brothers/Sister's that are F/C AFC  with 100'S of points. Her parents are Honest Abe and Lottie.  When have you seen that? Can you guess how expensive Blackie was? He is an awesome performer and an 80 lb house dog with loving personality.

    Sway- Lean Mac in 3rd generation of pedigree. Her record and her pedigree speak for its self.  She is 65 lbs. She was the youngest dog to pass the 2010 Master National in California at 30 months. She has gone on to Qualify in Maryland in 2011 and Qualified for the 2012 MN. She is an talented hunting / Hunt test dog and a big family pet. 

    These puppies will be intelligent and very nice dogs. Any good trainer would love to work with. They will have all the drive you want and should be able to be handled by Amateurs at competition level and great pets.

    Click on the thumb of the pedigree to see it larger at Photobucket!


    Call Jack for more information.




    Headshot of Blackie


    It's All Wrapped Up!

    Happy handlers after a long tough Master Nationals! Congratulations!
    Retreiver Group

    Saturday is a cold one at the 2012 Master National

    Enthusiastic but cold Wayne Pattersen chillin in the gallery. We are having so much fun. Big weather change this Saturday!

    Master National 2012 1

    Jack stopped for a snap after the 5th Series with Blacie, Idgie, and Asta!

    Master National 2012 2
    Here's a little tighter crop of the crew:

    Master National 2012 update

    I haven't heard a lot from the crew at the Master National, but Wendy just sent these:

    jack and asta (1)

    Here's a little movie clip of Jack and Asta running a blind:

    Jack and Bruce Moore at workers party tues night:

    MN2012 2

    Nancy Neipert won a wine cooler at workers party:
    MN2012 1

    The gang in the gallery, 3rd series,Weds:
    MN2012 3

    @StellarRetrieve Tweeting from the Master National


    That's right folks! Live from the Master National using Apple's iPhone wonder technology, Stellar Retrievers will be keeping you up to date using 140 characters or less per tweet to keep you up to date. Down load a Twitter app and follow Stellar Retrievers and the all the dogs running the Master National using: @StellarRetrieve

    Here's a link to our Twitter page:


    Tejas Retriever Hunt Test

    This weekend we ran Tejas Hunting Retriever Club test in Northrup......one of our favorites due to location and the amount of good friends that join us to watch or run their own dogs. Lot's of rain on Saturday throughout the day, but Sunday afternoon cleared to a breezy sunny finish.

    Master passes include:  
    Lochmar "Bonnie" MH, owned by Lamar Jones. Good to have her back.
    Stellar's Dancing in the Moonlight MH... "Starr", owned by Lee and Bill Hanes.
    Tioga's "Dottie" Spot On MH, owned by Steve Davis.
    Rocky Hill's "Icey" Blue MH, owned by Bill and Judy Davis.
    Lone Star Power Stroke "Duke", owned by Mike and Ty Davis  (yes, if your last name is "Davis", we will train your dog!!!)
    Homestead High Flight "River" MH, owned by Bruce Moore.
    High Flight's White Lot a Passion, "Gem", also owned by Bruce.
    My Time To Shine, "Asta" MH, owned by the wonderful Wendy Wotasek (lol, guess who's writing this blog!)
    The Bee Charmer "Idgie", MH.
    Stellar's Black Jack, "Blackie", MH MNH.

    10 out of 11 dogs passed this challenging test, judged by Bill Teague and Scotty Maddox.  It was a good example of what we may see at the Master Nationals, these dogs are ready!!!!

    Senior Passes include :
    Lone Star Final "Belle", owned by Mike Davis.
    Stellar's Hi Water Madam, "Chloe", owned by Brian Gurrola. This was her SH title, 5 in a row...GREAT JOB!

    Congratulations also to our friends Bob Neipert, Rick Greer, and Dede Pattersen on passing their dogs.

    Also thanks so much to Marty and Janice Thompson, and Lee and Debbie Telling, for all their hard work at the test and our get together Saturday night. 

    Our next test to run is the Master Nationals, we are going to try to go back on Twitter for this event. This will keep y'all informed of the action as it is happening.  We will text out Twitter address soon.


    Teal Season is ON!

    I got to go Teal Hunting on opening day with Marty and Bob N. We took one of our young students, Stellar's High Octane, Ethyl on her first real hunt. She got her motor running and in no time was on those fresh flyers like a duck on a June Bug. Here are some snaps after the hunt:

    Stellar-RetrieverEthyl 1Stellar-RetrieverEthyl 2Stellar-RetrieverEthyl 3Stellar-RetrieverEthyl 4Stellar-RetrieverEthyl 5

    Northern Flight Hunting Retriever Association HT in Maine on St. Croix, MN August 25-26th

    Northern Flight Hunting Retriever Association HT in Maine on St. Croix, MN
    August 25-26th

        Picked up Wendy from Duluth airport on Friday and headed to St.Croix. Good to have my sweetie back, missed her and the tailgate lunches.
    It was a little warmer than usual, mid 80's but clouds kept it cool.  Bob Owens and Doug Lewis joined us on Saturday.  Also got to visit with our good friends Jace and Denise Tramontine.  Always a fun time!
        It was a very successful weekend 10 out of 11 master passes with 1 new master hunter title (Duke). Also 4 out of 5 senior passes, with 1 new senior hunter title (Jolie).   

    Master Passes

    Asta, Idgie, Blackie.
    Homestead High Flight "River" owned by Bruce Moore, passed.
    Tioga's "Dottie" Spot -on, owned by Steve Davis, passed.
    Rocky Hill's "Icey" Blue, owned by Bill and Judy Davis, passed.
    Romeo's Sassy "Cassie" owned by Doug Lewis, passed.
    Stellar's High Octane "Ethyl" owned by Marty and Janice Thompson, passed.
    Stellar's Dancing in the Moonlight "Starr", owned by Lee and Bill Hanes, passed.
    Lone Star Power Stroke "Duke", owned by Mike and Ty Davis, passed and received his
     Master Hunter title!  Great job considering Duke is only 23 months old and was out of training for 3 months with a broken leg and then a serious dog bite injury.

    Senior Passes (it was a double)

    Lone Star Final "Belle", owned by Mike and Ty Davis, got her first pass at only 13 months, good job!
    Stellar's Hi-Water Madam, owned by Brian Gurrola, got 2 more passes. She has 1 more to go for her title.
    Romeo Takes Jolie, owned by Bob and Mary Ellen Owens, passed and received her
    Senior Hunter title!

    We are loving our new pup "Rio", Stellar's Blue Moon Running In Order, she is extremely smart and loves to work!  Wendy is back to spoiling her. Rio doesn't have to stay on the truck all day now that she is back.
    Rio at 2 mnths-1Rio at 4 months oldDuke Master Hunter photoJolie Senior Hunter photoFriend and client, Bob Worms and Baily, on opening day MN goose season.

    The Duluth Retriever Club- Aug 3rd and 4th

    The Duluth Retriever Club- Aug 3rd and 4th.

    It was a beautiful weekend in the 70's and clear skies. I had the good company of Robert Rascoe who came to Ironwood for a 10 day visit and training. We missed his usual travel companions, Lee and Bill Hanes, they couldn't make it this year. Looking forward to seeing them in a month at Alabama Master Nationals.  Robert and I had the generous hospitality of Bob and Mary Ellen Owens for great meals and lodging.

    Master passes

    Robert Rascoe passed Spur and Idgie.
    I passed Ray, Duke and Star, (Asta was a scratch do to being in season).

    Senior passes (it was a double)

    Jolie, owned by Bob Owens, 2 passes.
    Running her first test, Stellar's Hi-Water's Madam "Chloe", owned by Brian Gurrola,passed 2.
    Jackson's Sonny Jack, owned by Ferrell Jackson, passed 2.  

    Here are some pictures of Robert (Roscoe P Coaltrain) and Spur!

    Robert at Duluth #1

    Robert at Duluth #2

    Central Minnesota Retriever Club

    After our 2 day trip to our summer training house we ran our first hunt test Jume 16-18 at
    Central Minnesota Retriever Club in Sauk Rapids.  It was a successful double master weekend.

    Master passes-
    Stellar's Dancing in the Moonlight "Starr" owned by Bill and Lee Hanes passed 2 tests with the first pass qualifying her for the 2012 MN.  Starr is only  27 months old. Great job!

    Tioga's "Dottie" Spot On, owned by Steve Davis, passed both tests, qualifying her also for the 2012 MN. Steve, Dottie, and young dog "Arley", are a welcomed new addition to the Stellar team!!!

    Lone Star's Power Stroke "Duke" passed 1 Master Test. This was his first time running Masters.
    He had fantastic marks and blinds in the other test but couldn't sit still on the honor. Just a little more work to be done on that and this boy is there!

    Stellar's My Time to Shine "Asta" owned by Wendy Wotasek, passed  both tests. Another good job considering her normal routine of staying in the house has been interrupted by the new puppy
    "Rio" we picked up from John and Karen Blackbird on our way to Michigan.

    On a general note, we have added 4 new kennels, have 3 fantastic bird boys up here, and the weather has been cool and great for the dogs training.  We look forward to the upcoming visits from all our owners and friends and successfully running these Northern tests this summer.

    So here are some pics of Jack with Rio the new pup and a photo showing that yes, retriever trainers can in fact, build things!

    Best regards all!

    Summer 2012 2Summer 2012 1

    Stellar Retrievers Welcomes Steve Davis to Ironwood

    Steve came up to see his dogs Dottie and Arley. Steve came on July 4th after the Big Blow. So not only did he get to see and train with his dogs, we also put him to work on the rebuild project. He was happy to help and taught us a couple tricks to hanging gates. I'm sure yall read the previous blog.  

    Steve and I had a great time whether we were training, working or fishing.
    All work and no play would make Jack a dull boy !!! 

    Here's a picture on Sunday  fishing for small mouth bass with Captain Jake on his Ranger boat in Lake Superior. Now there was a Northern Pike caught on this trip and  IN THE BOAT. If you notice there's no picture. I wonder who caught  that 24in fish and maybe who we should ask why there's no Picture??

    Stellar-Fishing 1
    Stellar-Fishing 2
    Stellar-Fishing 3

    Northern Camp-Back in the Top Ten!

    Here are some snaps of the kennels after we got it all put back together!

    Finished 1
    Finished 2
    Finished 3


    7/3 Stellar Retrivers Carries On

    After returning from a Great Hunt Test weekend, back to training on Monday.

     I had quite a wake up Monday night at 10:30. The biggest bank of kennels (8) that  lays out from East to West and faces to the North was moved 45-50 feet to the North, turned upside down and landed on the dog trailer. Of course we had just replaced that fence with a 6ft one. The opposite side kennels (4) that also run East to West but face South were moved 4ft to the south. The roof of those kennels was blown a 100 yds to the southeast. The other bank of kennels that run from North to South and faces to the East were moved 2ft to the east. That roof was peeled up like a banana from a west wind. Out in the Storm, rain, lighting and thunder Craig Davis came down and helped me get all the dogs accounted for, ALL OKAY. 
    Tuesday 5am the sun was up and clean up began. With landlords Dave and Craig Davis 3 bird boys Jake, Mike and John we took kennels apart and got them off trailer. With some extra panels and gates( we got from one of Dave's clients ) we were able to salvage and put up 5 runs of the 8, by 3pm. I took off for Duluth to get more runs, Dave went to building supply to get roofing supplies. At 8 pm when I got back roof was on those 5. New roof was on the opposite 4. The roof of the north-south kennels was fixed.  All dogs were feed, aired and in the kennels. 

    4th of July we put up the kennels that I picked up in Duluth. Temporary repaired airing yard fences and mowed the grass. Steve Davis of Dallas came that afternoon to help. I was glad to tell him everything was done for the day.

    Thursday we were back to normal training schedule. That afternoon roof was put on new kennels, post holes dug and new airing yard posts set in concrete.

    Friday training as normal.  That afternoon holes drilled in posts and airing yard gate hung, Tee posts in, with  fence strung. Every thing is done.

    Here's what the destruction looked like:

    Storm-dog 3
    Storm-dog 4
    Storm-dog 2
    Storm-dog 5
    Storm-dog 1


    6/30-7/1 Minnesota Iron Range Retriever Club 

     6/30-7/1 Minnesota Iron Range Retriever Club 

    Master Dogs

    2 Passes for Starr owned by Bill and Lee Hanes of Winston-Salem, NC

    2 Passes for Duke owned by Mike and Ty Davis of Austin, TX

    1 Pass for Dottie owned by Steve Davis of Dallas, TX

    1 Pass for Asta owned by Wendy Wo in Giddings

    Senior Dog

    Jolie passed both of her inaugural senior tests and is owned by Bob and Mary Ellen Owens of Duluth, MN

    Hopefully Jolie will finish her Senior title at her home club August 3,4,5  The Duluth Retriever Club which is the next test were going to.

     The Hanes's and Robert Rascoe are coming up to train and run the event!!!

     Good Luck to ALL

    Weather Update: ALL DOGS ARE OKAY!

    Seems we had a bit of a blow here in Michigan last night. Needless to say from looking at the photograph below, it was a mighty blow and we are busy cleaning up. All that said, all retrievers, yes, all retrievers, are A-OKAY! So I'm back to work and back to training!

    Best regards,


    Just a nice time at Tejas...

    Owner and client Bob Worms pictured below with his newly Master Hunter titled Stellar student!


    Tejas Hunt Test Spring 2012

    Tejas Hunting Retriever Club test held April 28-29th was fast and furious. We always especially enjoy this one, as it is only 5 miles from the house and this year even had one flight here at the house. So after all the preparation and parties the weekend finished up with a lot of ribbons!

    Master Passes
    Blackie and Idgie passed, proving just because you are getting older doesn't mean your slowing down.

    Stellar's My Time To Shine "Asta" passed, qualifying her for the Master National at 25 months old. She got her MH title at Metro on April 15th at 24 months old.

    Watermark's "Torch" of Torrey Pines, owned by Mary Tatum, passed making that 3 passes for her at master level. Good job!

    Torg's Beretta "Bailey", owned by Bob Worms passed and titled. Bob and his dad Frank were good company this weekend and yes.. Bob got wet at the ribbon ceremony.

    Stellar's Dancing in the Moonlight "Starr", owned by Bill and Lee Hanes titled this weekend at 25 months old. She nailed the 3rd series 3 difficult, cheaty watermarks...perfect! Check out her title ribbon.

    Stellar's Hunky "Dory" owned and handled by Lee Davis got her second pass, yeah, good job Lee.

    Stellar's Proud "Mary", owned,trained and handled by Bob Neipert ran fantastic to earn her MH and also qualify for the Master Nationals at a young 25 months. We call our girls the "Stellar Sisters" and we are working on their theme song and dance!!!! Bob got buckets of water to cool him off at the ribbon ceremony. Fun!!!!!

    Congradulations also to Marty Thompson for passing "Lucky", Bill Teagues for passing "Cozby"and "Cheers", Lamar Jones for passing "Bonnie", Tim Buck for passing "Laurie.

    Junior Passes

    BIG CONGRATULATIONS for Brook Jackson our junior 8 year old handler, for titling Jackson's "Sonny" Jack this week end after passing a double staked weekend. Brook out shined all the other handlers and Sonny ran 4 perfect series, making it look easy.
    Great weekend and great spring season. Thank you to all our clients, friends, bird throwers and workers for being a part of the Stellar Team. We are off to our summer grounds in Ironwood in a month. Check our site for this summers results and updates. Wish you all good health and a cool summer.

    Brook and Sunny!
    Sunny and Brooke

    Star's Title Shot!
    watermark test1 2watermark test1 1

    Asta's Mug…


    Bryan College Station and Brazosport Hunt Test March 10-11

    Bryan College Station Retriever Club  March 3-4th proved to be a great day for Stellar dogs!  We were welcomed to new grounds owned by Mr. Wakefield and a beautiful weekend weather wise.
    Master passes were many.
    Rocky Hill's Icey Blue, owned by Bill and Judy Davis, received her MH beautiful  Aggie colored ribbon....way to go Icey.  Special thanks to Bill and Judy for bringing an awesome lunch of brisket, yum! Here he is:
    Icey Retriever Bryan Texas MH
    Stellar's Dancing in the Moonlight "STAR" owned by Lee and Bill Hanes picked up her 1st master pass. 1 for 1 and shining bright.

    Stellar's MY Time to Shine "Asta" owned by Wendy Wotasek also got here 1st master pass and gunning for the master national qualification.
    Asta Bryan Retriever

    Torg's Beretta "Bailey", owned by Bob Worms, did a great job for her first master pass. We have some great young up and comers!

    Bailey at Bryan
    Watermark's "Torch" of Torrey Pines owned by Mary Tatum double staked in senior and
    master to come home with 2 ribbons and her first master pass. Wow!


    It was also a great week ends for our friends and other Stellar dogs.
    Dee Dee Patterson passed Stellar's Southern Exposure "Louise"
    Bob Niepert passed Stellar's Proud Mary as well as Gypsy
    Nancy Neipert passed Skeeter, good job Nance.
    We have decided to form a new pop group called the "Stellar Sisters" and are looking for a theme song and dance to perform to embarrass Jack!  Suggestions welcome18

    Brazosport Retriever Club HT held March 10-11th was one of those crazy weather weekends, rain,rain,rain,lightning,delays and more rain.  For those of you that missed it, SMART!  But for those of us that attended it proved to be a successful weekend.
    Good test and great judges for our flight made the bad weather bearable.
    Master passes
    Icey, Asta, Star, Torch,and Trix (Mary Tatum's dog), all handled by Jack
    Special notice to our guests from Winston-Salem  NC:
    Robert Rascoe for passing Spur and Blackie
    Lee Hanes (with husband Bill rooting us on) for passing Ray and Idgie.  We love when they visit and thank them for all their help in training and around the place.
    Also good to see our friend Bruce Moore from Alaska who ran and passed Gem and River.
    Go get em this weekend at Waterloo Bruce.
    Also passing dogs were the "Usual Suspects" Bob and Nancy Neipert (Mary, Skeeter and Gypsy), Dede Paterson (Louise),Bill Teagues (Cheers and Cozby) and Lee Davis for Stellar's Honky Dory's 1st master pass, great job all.
    Senior passes
    Lone Star Power Stroke "Duke" owned by Mike Davis earned his 1st senior pass at a young age of 18 months and a few months on the bench due to injuries.  This dog has talent and drive, keep your eye on him.
    Watermark's "Torch"of Torrey Pines, owned by Mary Tatum double staked again and is accumulating a bucket of ribbons. "
    Congradulations to Lee Telling for passing loveable,  "Leroy's Voodoo Forest" in seniors, good having him and Debbie up for the weekend.
    Thanks again to Bill and Judy Davis for feeding most of the flight with delicious injected and smoked chicken.......so glad he got that new grill for christmas.
    Come join us at Waterloo this weekend!


    Last Chance Duck Hunt!

    I got invited on a really special hunt in La Grange this Saturday morning for the last weekend of the 2011 duck season. We had a fantastic and furious hunt that was over by 8:30am! Jim Cowan produced this little slideshow with a video clip at the end of a Stellar graduate, Sway MH, making a real hunting retrieve. Check it out: