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The Summer Trip: Training in Northern MN

Summers in Central Texas are scorching. So hot in fact, that retriever training becomes virtually impossible. The extreme heat makes it dangerous for dogs to train all day. Stellar Retrievers copes with this by spending summer months in Bemidji, Minnesota. Unlike many operations, we have kennels and training grounds in that area.

Not all pro training operations have this sort of opportunity for your retriever. If they do, many do not have specific quarters and kennels to host the three to five month stay. The net result is a summer living aboard a dog truck twenty four hours a day. Take time to research this aspect of your dog's training and you will find this is another reason to select Stellar Retrievers over many other regional pros.

By taking the whole kennel North, Stellar Retrievers is able to accomplish several goals:

  • Train in climate and weather conditions that are safe for these hard driving athletes
  • Continue with full training days just like all the other training days enjoyed during the Fall, Winter, and Spring
  • Gain access to a greater variety of water and terrain for generalization of basic and advanced skills
  • Continue to have access to the summer schedule of AKC hunt tests not available in Texas

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Climate Info

Minnesota Trip Details

During the summer, Minnesota offers temperatures on the average 47-83 degrees Fahrenheit. Mid September to late October find temperatures running 41-62 degrees Fahrenheit. Reserve your spot for the Summer Trip! Leaving first part of June and returning September.

To secure on a spot on the summer trip, a reservation and one time fee of $600.00 due on May 1st will be charged to cover expenses incurred on the way to, during, and returning from MN. This will be in addition to regular monthly boarding and training fees.