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FAQs about Stellar Retrievers

FAQs about Stellar Retrievers

In selecting a professional training operation, there are a number of questions that you will want to ask. I have taken time to summarize some of the facts about my operation. As you review this information, you will realize some of the many things that make Stellar Retrievers the best choice for training your best friend.

What do you feed the dogs while they are in training?

We serve our retrievers Purina's Pro Plan Performance. A top performing Master Hunter is the result of key factors coming together: genetics, training, exercise, and NUTRITION. Purina Pro Plan PERFORMANCE is formulated with the needs of hardworking dogs in mind.

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Does my monthly kennel fee include flea and tick prevention?

A clean kennel is just not good enough. Dogs can still become infested with fleas and ticks. These parasites cause discomfort and can carry diseases that will endanger your pet's welfare. I take this seriously. Flea and tick prevention is not optional and is not an elective line item on your monthly charges. ALL of our dogs are treated proactively for flea and tick prevention. This is part of our monthly kennel charge and you will find that many operations do not provide this for your pet. When talking with other pros, be sure to ask about this very important element in maintaining the health of the kennel residents. Ask whether they treat their entire kennel every month like I do at Stellar Retrievers.

Does the pro carry insurance?

Professional training operations must carry insurance to cover your pet in case the unthinkable happens. I maintain an Animal Bailee Policy to cover your retriever. I can not stress enough the importance of verifying that your trainer carries current and adequate insurance. Sporting dogs are serious investments as well as loved family pets. Verify that your dog is properly insured. Request a proof of insurance document from any trainer you interview. We are happy to provide a current copy of our certificate of insurance. Just email and we'll forward one to you!

Does the pro have both summer and winter training grounds?

Summers in Central Texas are scorching. So hot in fact, that retriever training becomes virtually impossible. The extreme heat makes it dangerous for dogs to train all day. Stellar Retrievers copes with this by spending summer months in Minnesota. Unlike many operations, we have accommodations and training grounds in Northern Minnesota.

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How does the operation manage the boys when females are in heat?

We have two airing yards and individual kennels to keep the boys and girls from finding trouble. When a female is preparing to go into heat, notice is taken and she is aired in a separate yard from all the males. Every effort is made to prevent a surprise.

What kind of dog transport truck is used by the pro?

Stellar Retrievers uses only the highest quality transport fabricated by Ainley Kennels and Fabrication. Our truck's external skin and seamless dog crates are fabricated from stainless steel to ensure cleansability and prevent discoloration of your dog's coat.

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